Every wedding cake we bake at Hopeful Hearth Baking Company comprises the following:

- All Natural Ingredients (NO artificial flavors or starters)
- Multiple tiers with four layers of cake per tier and filling
- Italian Butter Cream Icing (other icings available upon request)
- Decorations available using Butter Cream or Fondant

Sugar flowers, detailed decorations, fondant cake drums and fondant decorations will increase the price per slice. All custom cakes vary by price and will be determined upon ordering.  We do work with fondant and are willing to experiment with any creative ideas you may have!  Check out our photos page for some examples of our work.

Buttercream wedding cakes start at $3.75 per slice. This price includes:

  • Basic decorations like smooth or textured buttercream on the outside of the cake
  • Coloring of buttercream to match your colors
  • Ribbon and pearl borders
  • Basic cake drum
  • Any flavor of cake (gluten free cake starts at $4.00 per slice)
  • The price for placing flowers on the cake is included in the $50.00 Delivery and Set Up fee


4" Round   $15.00       (8 servings)

6" Round $30.00       (12 servings)

7” Round   $37.50       (16 servings)

8" Round $45.00       (20 servings)

10" Round $60.00       (28 servings)

12" Round $75.00       (40 servings)

14" Round $90.00       (63 servings)

16" Round $105.00     (77 servings)


1/4 Sheet Cake  $50.00   (45 servings)

1/2 Sheet Cake  $100.00   (90 servings)


Cupcakes$2.50 each (additional charges may apply based on decorations)


Buttercream Flowers     $5.00

Fondant Flowers              $10.00

Writing                                  $0

Piping decorations          $5.00

Texture                                  $3.00

Fondant Figures                $10.00 +

Fondant Letters, #            $6.00

Carving, Shaping of cake  $15.00

Delivery Charge for regular orders     $5.00 if in Fort Worth, $10.00 outside city limits


Vanilla Bean
Chocolate Ganache
(Apricot filling is recommended as
they make a delicious pairing)
Red Velvet
Italian Cream
German Chocolate


Lemon Curd
Orange Dream

Fun Options

Lavender Napoleon
(six layers of vanilla bean, chocolate, and strawberry)
Peanut Butter
Brut Champagne Cake
Birthday, baked with sprinkles
Tres Leches

Pies & Tarts

Minis and 9"

Spiced Caramel Apple
Lemon Meringue
Banana Cream
Coconut Cream
Sweet Potato Pie
Traditional Fruit Tart


Chocolate Croissants
Chocolate Ganache Eclairs, with Vanilla Bean Custard
Scones (inquire for flavors and sizes)
Petit Fours (inquire about flavors and shapes)
Macarons (inquire about flavors)
Cookies (inquire about flavors and sizes)
Decorated Sugar Cookies
Cinnamon Rolls

Fruit Filled

Coconut Cake with Mango Slices, Cinnamon Buttercream
Pear Cake with Pear Slices, Honey Buttercream
Lime Cake with Blackberries, Ginger Buttercream
Texas Pecan Coffee Cake with Sliced Peaches, Maple Buttercream

Seasonal Cakes

Pumpkin Spice
Caramel Apple
Texas Peach

Cake Filling

Vanilla Bean Custard
Chocolate Ganache
Lemon Curd
Orage Curd
Cream Cheese Icing
Fresh Berries / Fruit


Italian Buttercream:
Made with egg whites to give it a light texture and
snow white color
French Buttercream:
Made with egg yolks creating a rich flavor, velvet texture,
and ivory color

Seasonal Pies

Grandma Vivian's Rhubarb Custard Pie
Pumpkin Pie
Grandmommy's Pecan Pie


Quiche, flaky butter crust (inquire about flavors)
Anything can be made into individual / mini servings for parties or wedding dessert tables

Please inquire about Gluten-Free options