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When my great grandmother's family emigrated from Denmark to America in the 1880's they made their way to the Midwest and began lives as farmers.  They settled in western Iowa and began to live off of the land they found.  They did not have many of the comforts of modern living but they never went hungry.  My Great Grandmother Peterson and her sisters and cousins spent their time creating desserts and breads from the local produce they grew.  Many of the desserts and breads were baked in front of the large hearths or fireplaces that they built in their farm houses.  Eventually, they opened up the only restaurant in their small town.  They learned to combine the comfort of an inviting fireplace and the warmth of a well cooked meal and passed on that knowledge to their daughters and grand daughters.  They were passionate about food and serving their community...and we are too.  That is the feeling that we hope to bring to any of the events in your life, whether a weekend gathering of friends and family or the wonderful experience of a wedding.  From my great grandmother's hearth to our bakery to your home, The Hopeful Hearth Baking Company is hear to serve up a slice of happiness. 


John and Shannon met over lunch after church on a unusually warm Sunday in January of 2014.  They quickly fell in love and they bonded over their mutual passion for food and God's goodness.  With John's encouragement and support, Shannon quit her job.  Together, they opened Hopeful Hearth Baking Company in November of 2015 near Fort Worth Texas.  They look forward to providing the sweet part of your wedding celebration!  



As a little girl, Shannon loved eating at the Lunchbox and was so inspired by this restaurant that she decided to one day own a restaurant.  She attended Texas A&M, class of 2003, Whoop!  While pursuing other dreams, she still felt the desire to serve others through food.  As a result, she attended the Art Institute of Houston graduating in 2008 with her diploma in Baking and Pastry.  Since then, Shannon has gained experience in creating beautiful and delicious wedding cakes and pastries while working at Speculoo's, The Pelican Club at Gaido's and PattyCakes in Galveston, among others.  In fact, she has baked every hour of the day!  


John spent the last 10 years tasting his way through the wine industry.  He started while in college as a server at a local Waco establishment and continued when he graduated from Baylor University and moved to Dallas, Texas.  He learned to love wine while working at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse.  He spent 6 years as a wine distributor with RNDC and eventually worked as a regional sales representative for Matchbook Wine Company in Northern California.  He continues to cook and loves being in the kitchen with Shannon. 

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